My name is Wayne Chapman, and I love Sacramento music. It frustrates me that most of my favorite local bands and performers haven’t received the recognition I think they deserve. This blog certainly won’t right that wrong, but if it happens to turn a few people on to Anton Barbeau, Agent Ribbons, or any of the other fantastic artists I’ve featured here, then I’ll feel pretty damn good about that. I often say that these acts have thousands (millions?) of fans out there who just haven’t had the opportunity to discover them yet. I hope you’ll be motivated to check out a few of them and perhaps fall in love as I did (unless you dig ’em already, of course).

Lost in Sacramento began in 2006 on a website called Lost in the Grooves, which was inspired by a book that featured what participating writers considered to be unfairly neglected albums. Despite the success of bands like Cake and the Deftones, I believed a number of Sacramento musicians and releases were being neglected as well and wanted to get the word out however I could. Thanks to the encouragement of my girlfriend, I finally decided to upload the blog onto WordPress once I felt it had reached a point where I could share it with more people. New entries will be few and far between, but I consider this to be an ongoing project, so there will always be something new to read eventually. I’ll probably spend a fair amount of time revising and updating existing entries because I want Lost in Sacramento to be the best it can be. I only want to focus on music I’m passionate about in some way, so I won’t take requests unless your favorite becomes one of mine as well. And hopefully I won’t piss anyone off along the way since I’m only here to shine a light on something that’s become very important to me.

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